First Lutheran Church of Strongsville
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How to Get Involved
We believe that the Holy Spirit has given spiritual gifts to each person. This is based on Biblical passages found in 1Peter:4:10, Romans 12:4-6a and 1Corinthians 12:4-7, 11. This scripture tells us that each of us has received a gift from the Holy Spirit and that we are each called to use our gift. It also states that we are all one body in Christ and that each member, whether they have a real high profile gift or one used more quietly, is essential to that body. Our community needs you, because without you, we are incomplete!

How do I know if I have a Gift?
You can start by clicking on the DISCOVER YOUR GIFTS link below, you can discover what gifts, skills and interests you may have within you by filling out a small questionnaire to see what skill sets you have to help serve. Also, praying about it and asking those closest to you what gift they think you have are other good indicators. Finally, if you are using your gifts you should derive both JOY and a sense of FULFILLMENT OR ACCOMPLISHMENT. As one member put it so well: "I wish this gardening felt more like work because I just love it!" Then she went on to say "Oh, I get it, this is what this whole GIFT thing is about, isn't it?" If you can feel that way about your volunteering at First Church then you will know you have found your gift!

How to Discover Your Gift and Get Connected:

Get involved!

Make a difference...share your gifts!!