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First Lutheran Legacy – At this time of year, many of us may be receiving bonuses or tax refunds. If that applies to you, won’t you consider sharing a portion of that blessing with a Planned Gift to First Church? For more information, pick up a brochure outside the office or call Wayne Mosley (440.238.6470).

We also have a Simply Giving program through to have your contributions automatically deducted from your checking or bank account to help make it simpler. Please click here to get additional information and for downloading the enrolment form - please click here.



First Lutheran Legacy

Most people, when they prayerfully consider their annual stewardship pledge, take into account their annual income and take-home pay. But, many people do not think about giving back to God in the same way when they receive a financial windfall. We all have plenty of plans for that extra money – and so does God. Won’t you take a moment and consider making a planned gift to First Lutheran Legacy?

A planned gift is one that is well thought out by a donor in response to the many blessings God has given them. A planned gift differs from our normal stewardship giving in that it is usually of a larger amount and is either a one-time or less frequently given (e.g., annual) gift. Likewise, a planned gift is different than a restricted or endowment gift in that it is not designated for a specific purpose – it is available for the Church to use in helping to accomplish our mission.

Many types of assets can be used to make planned gifts – cash, securities that have appreciated in value, IRA assets, life insurance, real estate, certain personal property – almost all of which will provide you with significant tax advantages.
For more information, pick up a brochure in the rack above the credenza in the narthex. Please call Wayne Mosley (440.238.6470) with any questions.

You can also Click Here to download a Legacy Form that you can fill out and give to one of the Legacy Team Members.

Look for more information coming soon as to how a planned gift might be just right for you.