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Our Mission

"To live in the powerful example of Jesus, and to discover new pathways for spiritual growth."


Worship. It's an old English word. Tug it apart, drop in two letters, and suddenly we see not only what it used to be but also what it continues to mean

"worth-ship," a statement of worth and value, a declaration in word or deed of what matters most to the worshiper. We worship whatever we fear, love, and trust the most, says Martin Luther, and whatever that may be is our god. St. Matthew's Gospel opens with some wise men worshiping Jesus. It ends with some other men, not quite so wise, worshiping Jesus too. Then Jesus sends them into the world to teach other people to do the same.

Between those two points, the beginning and end, St. Matthew shows us why Jesus is "worth it." So does the rest of the New Testament.

We offer a diverse worship menu, from Contemporary to Traditional. Our worship is a variety of styles that enhances our life together and gives glory to God.

Our church family welcomes you to join us for worship.

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The contemporary service is less formal. There is a worship order but no formal liturgy. A band leads in the singing of contemporary Christian songs.

Video and drama are commonly used. A sermon and Communion are included. The music at the contemporary services is led by a band and consists of modern praise music and contemporary Christian music you might hear on the radio.

All of our services are family friendly and we welcome children of all ages. (Please check the calendar for potential time changes)

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The traditional service uses a liturgy that consists of historical worship components. It often includes a choir (instrumental and/or vocal), sermon, and Communion.

The music at the traditional services comes from our hymnal and is usually accompanied by organ, piano, and brass. You will also hear God's word in the Scripture, congregation singing together, a baptism on occasion, Communion and prayers for the needs of the world. Please check the calendar for potential time changes.


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