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Kids Hope USA


KIDS HOPE USA is a national mentoring program which partners a church with a local school.
Members from the church congregation are recruited, screened, and trained to become mentors.
Each mentor is then matched with a child who has been recommended to the program by the school staff.
The mentors go to the school for one hour each week to work with their students.
Behind each relationship is a prayer partner who holds the mentor/child up in prayer.

     Since 2009, our church has participated in the KIDS HOPE USA mentoring program.
We are currently partnered with Whitney Elementary School, and members of our congregation are actively mentoring students at Whitney, supported by their prayer partners.
Occasionally, social events for mentors, prayer partners, and students are planned.
KIDS HOPE USA is committed to befriending the mentees and their families.
     This ministry follows the model of the national KIDS HOPE USA organization:
one child, one church, one school, one hour.

One Child
     The children in our program need someone who can be present at a critical time in their lives when values are formed, when self-esteem is developed, and when basic academic and problem solving skills are acquired. Our mentors show up every week. They don’t let their students down. Mentors spend time reading, talking, listening, and playing games with their students. Their friendship supports the students’ social, academic, and emotional needs.

One Church
     KIDS HOPE USA provides a new way for our church members to serve their community. Many churches now realize that their local communities are the places where they can make a difference – not by donating material goods alone but also by actually engaging in life-changing one-on-one relationships with children.
Reggie McNeal, author of Missional Renaissance, states that when trying to connect to the community, nothing does that quicker than adopting a school, and nobody knows how to help with that better than KIDS HOPE USA.
KIDS HOPE USA has provided a pathway into serving our community.

One School
     Our KIDS HOPE USA partnership with Whitney Elementary provides a proven intervention for students, resulting in significant changes of attitude and behavior as well as academic performance, at no cost to the school.
While mentors are to model “Jesus with skin on” with their behavior, they also strictly adhere to the separation of church and state while at the school.

One Hour
     By using the existing structures of the elementary school and our church as the framework, our KHUSA program has created successful, sustainable, and life-changing church-school partnerships in just 60 minutes per week.
Gloria Reichert

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